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Credit reports are complied by an agency that collects credit histories, then distributes that data to credit grantors and the public. The credit reporting agency collects data from lenders, utility companies, collection agencies, landlords and court houses. When you apply for credit, a job, insurance or an apartment the credit grantor will review your credit report before approving or declining your application. Your credit report helps a person that does not know you decide if you are credit worthy.

Declined for Credit?

If you have been turned down for credit in the past and don't understand the reason, it may be time to review your credit report. There may be listings on your credit report that are not yours, that are paid and show delinquent, or an account you thought you paid and hadn't. A US government report suggests you check your credit report annually, credit experts profess monthly credit report reviews!

Inaccuracies in a Credit Report

Inaccuracies in a credit report may be the result of simple human error. You could have a lower credit score than you deserve because of simple error. Whether the inaccuracies relate to payments not credited, late payments, data mixed in from the credit file of someone else, fraud or identity theft, dispute inaccurate information promptly

Because the information in your credit report is used to evaluate your applications for credit, insurance, employment, and renting a home, you should be sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.  In addition, monitoring your credit is one of the best ways to spot identity theft.  Check your credit report at least once a year to correct errors and detect unauthorized activity. Monitoring

Experian, Equifax, Trans Union toll free phone numbers, mailing addresses, websites and contact information.
  • Equifax
    P.O. Box 740250
    Atlanta, GA 30374
    (800) 525-6285

  • Experian
    P.O. Box 1017
    Allen, TX 75013
    (888) EXPERIAN
    (888) 397-3742
    Fax: (800) 301-7196


  • Trans Union
    P.O. Box 6790
    Fullerton, CA 92634
    (800) 680-7289

Tip - Increase Credit Score - After a bankruptcy, verify that discharged debt indicates a zero balance on your credit report. Debt ratio can effect credit score!

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