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ChexSystems Solutions

ChexSystems Solution

Help for people that can't open a checking account because of ChexSystems listings. Information about how to contact ChexSystems and how to dispute incorrect ChexSystems listings. If you can't open a bank account there may be a better way to bank. Read this helpful report before you spend one penny on a list of non ChexSystems banks.

What is ChexSystems?

How it works:
Banks and credit unions report incidents to ChexSystems to protect themselves and other banks in the future. You get reported to ChexSystems if your account is closed for cause. What is for cause? Banks differ greatly between them as to what valid reasons are for closing an account. Here are some examples:

  • Bank was unable to collect for an overdraft, ATM transaction, or automatic payment which they honored on insufficient funds. (Regardless of amount, and often without waiting more than a few days!)
  • Multiple overdrafts.
  • Savings Account, debit card or ATM abuse.
  • Fraud.
  • Providing false information in opening account.
ChexSystems giving you the blues?

Do you hate standing in line to cash your paycheck? How about paying a percentage per check for the privilege? If you can't open a checking account because of a chexsystems issue you can get your income direct deposited to a legitimate bank and tied to a pre paid visa card. This allows you to shop, pay bills, monitor the cash you spend online. Many folks feel it's a better way to bank. And no more standing in line!


No credit check bank account







Non ChexSystems Bank

Use ATM/VISA  Debit Card

Online Check Writing

Free Direct Deposit

No Bank Overdraft Fees!

No Credit Check!

Second Chance Checking Account

Get a Bank Account Now!

Account Now Visa Debit 

About ChexSystems

Each incident stays on your record with ChexSystems for FIVE full years. Once an incident is reported to ChexSystems getting it removed maybe be difficult or impossible.  A few banks that will take you back after they are paid off.


 Banks report: The policy is that we will not open a checking account for you if you have one or more incidents reported to ChexSystems, regardless if it was paid or not. If you can afford the amount owed, pay it. It will haunt you in the future! If you can't open a conventional checking account, try this;

A Solution

Direct deposit your paycheck
Pay bills
Shop online
No Credit Check!
No finance charge, that's right 0% interest!

Apply for the Discover Student Card

Account Now Visa Debit 
How long am I on the list?
Your information stays in the ChexSystems database for 5 years unless there's a legitimate reason to remove it.

How do I get my ChexSystems report?
If you contact ChexSystems and tell them you have been denied an account in the past 60 days, they will send you your report at no charge . Otherwise, there is a fee.

When contacting ChexSystems by mail or fax, be sure to always include your name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN).

The address is : www.chexhelp.com

ChexSystems Customer Service
12005 Ford Road, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75234-7253
(972) 280-8585
Fax: (972) 241-4772

ChexSystems toll-free: phone number
(800) 428-9623
(800) 513-7125
(800) 428-9623


Banks that don't use ChexSystem

Other checking account issues;

CheckRite  (800) 766-2748
 (closed checking accounts)
CrossCheck  (800) 552-1900
Equifax  (800) 437-5120
National Processing Co.
(NPC) (800) 526-5380
SCAN  (800) 262-7771
TeleCheck (800) 710-9898


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